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Dear all,
the next stics training session in webinar and in English will be held in October, 20-21 & 27-28, 2021. The training program is attached. Registrations will be final upon receipt of payment.

Registrations here until 12th October (the deadline has been extended due to technical problems which have been solved)

Basic knowledge of agronomy and modelling.
Internet access, webcam.
STICS, R and R studio
installed in advance (instructions sent to students before the course).

Autonomy in using STICS model, by understanding
theoretical formalisms, and a practical use of the model, with both close support of instructors and working in groups between the 2 sessions

Registration and costs

Website for the registration (open from 1 st September)September):
https ://formationstics.workshop.inrae.fr //. If you need further support , please, send an e mail to Isabelle Le Mouellic isabelle.le mouellic@inrae.fr ).
Number of students: 30. First registered first served.
The course has a cost of 300€ (taxes included; 250€ without taxes) for public sector employees, and 750€ for
private companies employees (taxes included).
Course and support will be held in English.


Éric Justes ( CIRAD , STICS team coordinator
Éric Casellas , Anne Isabelle Graux , Marie Launay, Joël Léonard ( INRAe ), Loïc Strullu Daniel Plaza
Bonilla, Genís Simon Miquel ( Universitat de Lleida Agrotecnio ).

Topics of the course

Soil processes formalisms : explain how the model simulates the soil functioning
Simulation of Water, Nitrogen and other abiotic stresses
Model evaluation and calibration: principles and existing tools (JavaSTICS and R packages)
STICS as a tool for Biodiversity-based cropping systems (including rotation)
Practical work 1: Impacts of water and nitrogen stresses
Practical work 2: Impacts of crop management and environmental conditions using JavaSTICS
Practical work 3: simulation of rotation using JavaSTICS
Practical work 4 using STICS R packages