Giornale di bordo - Metodo sperimentale, meteorologia e agricoltura

Terza serie, n. 47-48 - gen.-ago. 2018
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The "GIORNALE DI BORDO", Journal of History of Literature and Art is an unpublished scientific magazine founded by Alberto Maria Fortuna in Florence in 1967. For the miscellaneous character that distinguishes it, the magazine welcomes selected contributions for their scientific and cultural relevance, original works, editions of sources, articles and notes of various topics: history (civil and church history; history of science; local history and popular traditions; archeology; epigraphy), literature (literary criticism; philology), art (art history from ancient to contemporary; sacred art; photography; theater; cinema; music), theology (biblical exegesis; patrology; moral theology; spirituality), sociology and philosophy.

III serie, n. 47-48 – GENNAIO-AGOSTO 2018


BERNARDO RAPI, Metodo sperimentale, meteorologia e agricoltura. Temi ambientali e uso equo delle risorse: scritti editi e inediti di Giuseppe Rocchetti, 108-132

Passion, study and knowledge are driving forces of personal growth and the first tools that our societies can use to face global and environmental changes. Unfortunately, too often scientific evidences are treated with scarce attention or careless by the communities, especially when are related to issues requiring habit or mind-set changes. This article treats of these themes by using the words and solicitation of Prof. Giuseppe Rocchetti, Agronomist and Tropicalist of large experience, Officer of the Overseas Agronomic Institute of the Italian Foreign Ministry, engaged in teaching of young specialists in tropical and subtropical agriculture of different countries of the world.

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