HYDRO a prototype system for the automatic management of irrigation in the nursery gardening sector based on tensiometric and evaporimetric measurements, with the possibility of inserting the fractionation of the irrigation dose and time slots within which it is possible to activate the solenoid valves relating to the different sectors.

hydroflow 20The hardware system manages a set of meteorological sensors whose data are used by the models implemented in the software for the real-time calculation of the Kc coefficient, the estimate of ETP and hourly ETR. The use of a kc calculated from the tensiometric data, in addition to the cross-check of the tensiometric values, allows an increase in the representativeness of the punctual information provided by the tensiometers, in estimating the irrigation volume. Currently the system is able to manage a maximum of 8 tensiometers and the introduction of threshold values, activation times etc. they must be done by intervening directly on the processor code.