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  Collaboration and counselling activities in the framework of the regional project AGRO-SMART


S. Orlandini, P. Battista, B. Rapi, A. Dalla Marta, M. Petralli, M. Romani


AGRO-SMART: Agrometeorological network based on smart sensors (Project funded by Tuscany Region and Tosco Dati srl)

Project aims:

The system will allow monitoring in details the crops areas, improving the production in quantity and quality reducing the management cost and the risks connected with environmental and anthropic factors, by means the experimentation of a network for the meteorological monitoring and for the forecast of environmental events affecting the agricultural activities. The system will be able to capture continuously a series of parameters that will allow agronomic interventions based on the effective crops needs and on the chemical, physical and biological soil properties, contributing to a reduction of the agriculture environmental impact with the reduction of pesticides use. The system, in fact, enables to detect and evaluate the phytopathologic hazard indexes allowing strategies aim to the prevention and reduction of the phytosanitary products use. Climatic factors cause the suitable conditions for some plant diseases and pests. Soil and air temperature, humidity and soil moisture monitoring provides useful indications to carry out preventive and targeted phytosanitary treatments with environmental and economic saving of utilized chemical substances. The system will based on a network of low cost wireless smart sensors characterized by high use flexibility.

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Battista Piero (piero.battista at cnr.it)

Rapi Bernardo (bernardo.rapi at cnr.it)

Romani Maurizio (maurizio.romani at cnr.it)


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