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Prof. Alberto Pardossi

Scientific Sector : Horticulture and Floriculture AGR/04


The Rresearch Team of Alberto Pardossi belonging to the ex-Department of Crop Plant Biology of the Faculty of Agriculture, which was established in 1987 on the initiative of Mr. Francesco D'Amato and Mr. Enrico Moschini, directors, respectively, of the Institute of Genetics and Horticulture and Floriculture.

Since 18 September 2012, the Faculty of Agriculture changed its name to the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-environmental Sciences (DiSAAA-a) with the union of the following: Department of Agronomy and management of the agro-ecosystem, Department of Crop Plant Biology Department of Cultivation and Protection of Wood Species "G. Scaramuzzi"

Short history of Agriculture Faculty of Pisa University

On 5 October 1840, the Grand Duke Leopoldo II of Lorraine founded the chair of Agriculture and Sheep farming, within the framework of the reform of Pisa University programs of studies. The first chair holder was the Marquis Cosimo Ridolfi, farmer, scholar of agricultural science and member of Georgofili Academy. He was a supporter of the innovative idea to teach agriculture at the University.

On 1 March 1844, the grand-ducal studies superintendency founded the Agriculture School that issued a university degree and it represented the first known university studies classes to earn an agricultural science degree. Finally, on 1871, the Agriculture Faculty was founded and it was the first agriculture university institution in the World.




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