In early 1980, in Florence, at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, is founded the Institute of Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing Applied to Agriculture (IATA) of the National Research Council with the aim of making research in the field of meteorology applied to the agriculture and the environment. With a continuous updating of scientific and technical expertise, this Institute has followed a path of more than thirty years of activity and participation, often pioneering, in international research programs and counseling, identifying some major issues of our time and often anticipating emergencies.

In 2000  IBIMET was funded, as part of the reorganization of the National Research Council, bringing together in one body IATA, the Institute for Monitoring Agro-ecosystems (IMAES) of Sassari and the Institute of Plant Ecophysiology to Arboreal fruit (ISTEA) of Bologna. In the latter also merged the Center for Study on Management of Agricultural and Land System (GESTA).

The Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) conducts research on crop monitoring, harvest and product quality forecasting systems. Furthermore, it is applied on analysis and implementation of methodologies for territory sustainable management and enhancement of natural, anthropic and historical-cultural resources  and on studies of strategies for prevention and fighting of natural ecosystems risks.

In this framework, in Florence, during many research projects, often crossing the Institute lines of research,  a work team was born. The team components are:

Claudio Conese, Piero Battista, Laura Bonora, Marta Chiesi, Fabio Maselli, Francesco Sabatini, Bernardo Rapi, Maurizio Romani

The team is involved, above all,  in technological innovation in the field of open field and greenhouse cropping and nursery gardens, collaborating directly with the operators.   



Battista Piero (piero.battista at

Rapi Bernardo (bernardo.rapi at

Romani Maurizio (maurizio.romani at


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